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Apollo 360VR makes use of the iPhone and iPad's accelerometer to allow users to move their devices around to get a 360 degree experience of all 6 Apollo lunar landing sites

The app uses 360 degree panoramas assembled by Mike Constantine of Moonpans.com which were captured by the Apollo Astronauts as seperate frames which were then seamlessly assembled to form a single 360 degree image, as can be seen in the images below:

The 360 degree images were then placed into 360 degree astronomy software developed by Mike Smithwick of DistantSuns where a virtual Sun and Earth were added.

iPhone users can click the VR Goggles mode, allowing users to put their phone into a headset adaptor.

The result is a virtual experience dipicting the exact sight only 12 Moonwalkers have even seen before.

There is also mission audio as spoken by the Astronauts to mission control in Houston at the time each panorama was captured. Optional narration and annotations to help identify features in the panoramas along with detailed description.

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